Roar of Africa

Roar of Africa

Hello ladies, today I would like to show you a preview of the beautiful OrsiniRedRoar Of Africa Mesh Outfit in Tribal Orange for the Bitacora Travel Fair- Start 17 Oct.

The outfit comes with a beautiful mesh top, matching panties, a wooden necklace with orange jewels on it, two wooden bangles, a eye make-up tattoo and a beautiful wooden headpiece crowned with stunning flowers on it.

OrsiniRed is well known all over the grid for their beautiful, innoventiv and stunning creations, mainly focusing on roleplay suited outfits, but the OrsiniSun side of the brand has casual clothes for everyone to offer.

Me well I like to mix and match both brands, I adore the colorful flower accessoires a lot and wear them with casual clothes. You can find both stores on the same sim of course, so browse through them and find your own favourit outfit.

Don’t forget to stop by Bitacora Travel Fair- Start 17 Oct to snatch up the beautiful outfit shown above!


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