Kiss my neck


Hello ladies, today I’d like to show you two new beautiful neck accessoires, the first one is by Pure Poison – Coraline Necklace FOR Seraphim Social. This month’s book is Neil Gaiman’s “Coraline”! The event has items to offer that are related to the book so make sure to stop by and pick up not just this beautiful key necklace, but many other things!

The second picture shows you this months’ contribution to The Dressing Room Fusion by JD: Tri Bands. Some will have to stretch their neck a little bit, I didn’t but I only posed in it for the picture, when you walk around in it it sticks in your neck sometimes, but I have a rather normal neck so it might very well be my avatar 🙂


Shape: .:Davi Designs:.  – Sara

Skin: Essences – Wednesday II Brown Sugar

Eyes: IKON Destiny Eyes – Oak

Pic#1 Pure Poison – Coraline Necklace Teleport to The Seraphim Social

Pic#2 JD – Tri Bands – Black The Dressing Room Fusion TELEPORT


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