YASUM for J&A Expo preview

Snapshot_001 Snapshot_002FACE ARMOR COVER female

Hello ladies, I am showing you the kick ass exclusive creation for the J&A Expo by YASUM.

First up the Yasum*MESH*Steampunk Headset*female*MOD*RARE ITEM.

As you can see in the picture it is a beautiful, steam punk ish headset that even blows smoke, which you’d see in the picture, if my computer wouldn’t draw power from 20 hamsters I have ina  cage behind it sighs.

Believe me though when I say it looks even better with the smoke. The part covering the eye is a very realistic glass that does not mess with your original eye color like some galsses do in SL.

It comes with an easy to use HUD that looks almost as epic as the headset itself.

I am also wearing the other exclusive item for the J&A Expo: Yasum*MESH*Collar Steam*Mega Hud controled*VERSION 1

The collar can be resized to match any neck and has a really cool looking watch build in it, HUD is provided for easy changes as well.

In the second picture you see the Gacha item, provided for male and female. I am wearing the Yasum*MESH*Face Armor*FEMALE*Mega Hud controled*, same as the headset, HUD is easy to use and you can change the texture on all parts.

I’m also wearing the Yasum*MESH*Collar Steam*Mega Hud controled*VERSION 2. The second version has a screw instead of a watch and looks epic!


I added the provided preview picture so yu can see all the Gacha items.


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