The new meHello ladies, I finally gave it a try, after wearing my own shapes for years I have decided to switch things up a little bit and got me a Mesh head.

I bought the .: fiore :. Natasha Static Mesh Head – SPF20 and I was lucky enough to find the creator Sanya Bilavio online at the time I’ve made my decision and could poke her with a couple of questions and she was more than patient and helpful, thanks again for that ♥

She is still improving the Mesh heads and there will be an update coming along which is free, more skin tones and make up options are also in the making so stay tuned.

Here is what’s included in the package ( copied from the NC ):

With every head purchase you will receive :

1. Head – Original
This is the base head, it has a plain straight face.

2. Head – Smile
A simple smiling emote.

3. Head – Smirk

4. Head – Duck Lips
Squinty eyes & kissy face lips.

5. Head – Open Mouth
A realistic open mouth version. You may wear any teeth add on of your choosing. Make sure you push
it into your mouth when wearing so the alpha of the teeth does not ruin the shape of the open mouth.

6. Mesh Lashes
These are made to fit perfectly to your head, no adjustment is necessary. These lashes come with multiple
different styles which is controlled via HUD.

7. Static Mesh Eyes
These are made to fit your head perfectly. No adjustment is necessary. Natural tones come with
these eyes. Extra colors can be purchased separately in the future.

* Blue
* Black
* Brown
* Green

8. Body Match Skin Base
Our heads follow the Fiore skin tones. There are 9 tones in total. Not every head will be available
in all tones.

9. Slink Feet & Hand Appliers
You must purchase Slink hands & feet separately for these to work.

10. Lola Tango Breast Appliers
You must purchase Lola Tango Breasts separately for these to work.

11. L.Inc Phat Azz Appliers
You must purchase L.Incs Phat Azz separately for these to work.

12. Static Mesh Head HUD
The Mesh Head Features HUD will give you full control over how you want your head to look. Since
we aren’t able to offer molding of the head shape itself, we have instead given you multiple facial
features per head. Things like Noses, Eye & Brow combinations, and Lips will guarantee you a
unique look. We intend on releasing more and more features as we release more products for the
mesh head line.

13. Fiore XXS & XXS (thick) starter shapes
Copy & Mod shape we use to test and wear the heads. Our heads have been tested on every shape
and do fit them reasonably. You can change the overall size of your head by using the head slider
in the appearance mode. Same goes for your neck size.

14. Head & Lash Alpha
You must wear this in order to view your head properly.

I spent about an hour trying all the features and of course all my hairs to see if I can wear them with the head and despite of two hairs all worked perfectly fine with it!

Try the demos at the Cosmetic Fair and enjoy ♥


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