SLink Visage mesh head Emma copyHello ladies, I would like to introduce you to the cute new Mesh head called “Emma” by Slink Visage.

After some teasing on her flickr, which let me and some others to believe it might be a mesh nose , we finally know it is a complete Mesh head YAY.

I will get right to it and let you know about all the features:

You will receive the Mesh Head, 5 starter shapes, already with the matching numbers for the hands & feet by Slink going from XXS to L.

3 skins, so no need to buy one. You can switch between the skin tones via HUD

Expressions HUD which allows you to smile, look angry, close your eyes etc.

And my personal favourit, 4 different Alpha layer combinations, one for head only, one for head and hands, one for Head and feet and finally one for head, hands and feet, which will make it so much easier to get dressed and not have to worry about the 5 Alpha layer limitation!

I stopped by Izzie’s and picked up one of the first appliers for the head itself, which comes with the skin for the body , I saw that that is not the case with all who offer appliers for the head, so I am very happily surprised and thankful that I did not have to purchase a skin to work with my head applier, I am wearing it in the picture above.

The applier will allow you to pick hairbases, eyebrow options, open and closed eyes and 4 basic lipstick shades.

I am not wearing the Izzie’s shape provided with the applier in the picture shown above, but you’ll get one with the applier as well.

I also picked up the make up add on by Izzie’s which offers 19 different shades of lipstick, eyeliner, eyeshadow and eyebrows.

Ever since I picked up my first Mesh head, which I am very pleased with and you saw in most of my recent pictures, this new Mesh Head is a beautiful addition to my, hopefully soon, growing Mesh head collection.

Taxi to Slink

Taxi to Izzie’s

Taxi to Slink West a Shopping Oasis for all Slink addons and appliers




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