Hi ladies, had to step away from blogging due to RL being crazy, anyhow let’s get to it with a bit of a bulk post 🙂

Enchanted is an event that is designed to happen every 3 months and focusing on one of the Grimm’s Fairy Tales. It is an exclusive event where dreams and nightmares coexist. Every 3 months a new fairytale is chosen as the theme, which designers will take as inspiration to create new and exclusive items.

This round is inspired by Rumpelstiltskin and .::Dead Dollz::. is offering the:

.::Dead Dollz::. The Miller’s Daughter Gown (Exclusive Prize)
– .::Dead Dollz::. The Miller’s Daughter Choker (Exclusive Release)

The dress and choker come in 5 colors and standart sizes of course.

The Choker is the exclusive item realized for the event, it will be sold in the Mainstore

The Gown is the exclusive Prize the customers will be able to redeem once they have collected all the stamps they need for their card.
It comes with a texture changing HUD that allow 5 different options to match the choker.

Here is the offifial website with all details for the event!


Next up we have a stunning new creation by Topazia called The Heart of Death, it comes in all standart sizes, flexy attachments and slink applier for the gloves which come on a tattoo layer!


fri.day is participating in the  Xiasumi School Festival Event with these two floor pillow sets that come with 3 poses for single avatars and can seat 3 people at the same time. Plus the beautiful wall art, scripted with 5 color options.


I am also showing the fri.day – Eve.Heels available at Uber, they are made for Slink Medium feet and come in 6 colors.


The Lace sweaters for bargain gacha with the cute little hearts on the ellbow is by Mag<3.B and available in 7 commons and 1 rare. The jeans shown are TOPAZIA– Thelma unbutonned jeans  worn blue.


And one more event Dead Doolz is participating in this month is We ❤ Roleplay. The Margaery Gown has been created exclusively for We<3RP and is marked 25% off. (350L$), the gown is available in 5 colors and standart sizing.









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