Silent Night

Silent NightHello ladies, I am showing you the new feet systen by N-Core, I’m wearing the N-core XTREME Feet (Rigged Mesh).

The new feet come in flat, medium and xtreme, with each purchase you’ll receive a folder with the 5 standart sizes, N-core tights on clothign layers and as appliers, you’ll also have 2 HUDS, one for skin matching manual and one for the already beloved Click&Match system, a web based skin database that will match you to the most common skins in SL.

You can use the HUDs to match your skin, or go to the mainstore and grab Free appliers from designers, many are already available and more to come soon.

A detailed Notecard with info to standart sizing ( all numbers you need etc.) and so on is also included, make sure to read it.

What else I’m wearing:

little bones. Snow Spell II – Ombre&Roots hair

*YS & YS* April Candyskin

*YS & YS* April Lips Wine Mat ( add on mack available at the Mainstore)

N-core XTREME Feet (Rigged Mesh)

Slink Mesh Hand Elegant 1

Rowne.Anka Silk Blouse – Wine

Rowne.Chleo Leather Pants – Nude

N-core EMBRACE “FatPack” (Add-on for N-core Xtreme Feet)


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